i’m meg jones wall, self-professed food and wine lover. i’m more of a cook than a baker, since i have no sweet tooth to speak of and tend to abandon my recipes halfway through…but i do love to bake bread, and i enjoy making sweet treats for others to eat.

i graduated from boston university’s mla gastronomy program in december 2011, with a focus on communications – specifically food photography, styling, and writing. my final project combined these three elements in a unique way, reworking food still life paintings into modern photographs, complete with interpretations. i’ve always loved food in any capacity – cooking, baking, tasting, traveling, reading, writing…you name it. my background is in technical theatre, specifically designing properties, sets, and makeup. i really like collecting interesting items and finding new ways to use them and look at them, which is how food styling evolved from theatrical prop styling in my world.

i’m currently working as a freelance photographer and stylist. i’ve styled for the boston globe, a brand new online startup, and i just wrapped up working on season 11 of simply ming, a public access cooking show featuring chef ming tsai. i also have an online photography portfolio, which includes some images from this blog as well as others from my travels.

thank you so much for reading – i appreciate your support, comments, and any suggestions you have to offer. i’m always available for freelance projects, including styling, recipe development, photography, writing, and social media. if you’d like to stay in touch, use the links on the side to find me on twitter and facebook, follow me on pinterest or connect with me on linkedin. you can also use the form below to email me. and i always love new recipes!


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