summer recipe roundup

it’s finally here.

summer recipe roundup |

that most delicious, wonderful, exquisite time of year when the recipes come out, grilling parties and beach festivals go wild, and the eating is amazing.

summer recipe roundup |

summer recipe roundup |


summer recipe roundup |

yes, dear readers. it’s tomato season.

summer recipe roundup |

and in honor of this most delightful fruit, i’ve gathered together some of my most popular summer recipes, many of which feature the tomato. there’s nothing quite like a fresh, just-picked heirloom tomato, straight from the farmer’s market, with just a little salt – just cut that sucker up and eat it whole. if you’re in the mood for something more elaborate, check out a few of the following:

summer recipe roundup | tomato, cheddar & basil summer pie

lentil & veggie salad

summer gazpacho

orzo salad

super fresh ceviche

fish tacos

and, from the back of the vault… the ultimate blt

what’s your favorite tomato recipe?


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