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sometimes, an amazing opportunity comes up that you just have to go for. as a food writer and photographer, getting an original recipe published in a local magazine is an incredible honor – one that i experienced for the first time several weeks ago.

if you don’t already read edible boston (or any of the other edible community magazines), do yourself a big favor and go pick up a copy today. they’re available at farmstands, natural food markets, whole foods stores, and local businesses around town, and feature stories, photographs, and recipes from the greater boston community. i was privileged to hear ilene bezahler and michael piazza speak about their publication at the international conference of food styling and photography last summer, and have long admired the beautiful images, inspiring stories, and authentic representations of our food community here in boston.

when edible boston began promoting a recipe contest on their facebook page, seeking recipes featuring the tomato, i knew that i just had to submit my recipe for tomato, cheddar, and basil summer pie. the simple but incredibly satisfying recipe features layers of heirloom tomatoes, sharp cheddar, basil, vinegar, and oil, all wrapped in light, flaky biscuit crust. it’s easy to make and just oozes late summer, and is a beautiful way to feature those gorgeous tomatoes you grow in your backyard (or, if you’re like me and don’t have a garden, bought at the farmer’s market!).

i was thrilled when my recipe, along with several others, won the honor of being featured in edible boston’s fall 2012 issue. our recipes were prepared by the team and photographed by the talented michael piazza, and i’m so honored to have been chosen among these other delicious-looking recipes. thank you, edible boston!

in other news, things have been busy for me – i recently began working during the day as a dog walker, which i’m absolutely loving. it’s so fun to be outside, working with animals all day, and it gives me great opportunities to snap photos of our incredibly photogenic dog clients. it’s also given me time and inspiration to create a new online photography portfolio, which i’m delighted to debut today.

things are looking up! i made some incredible meatloaf the other day that i promise will make an appearance soon. enjoy these last beautiful days of summer!



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