two years

two years ago, i was working in retail and wondering where my life was heading. i had a great husband and a gorgeous apartment, but my technical theatre dreams weren’t panning out and i wasn’t really sure what i wanted to do as a career. i was feeling incredibly discouraged, confused, and directionless.

two years ago, i knew i loved to cook, but didn’t want to be a chef. i knew that i wanted to learn more about food, but i didn’t want to study food science. and i knew that i loved beautiful images, but i didn’t know how to create them myself.

two years ago, i applied for a master’s degree, dusted off my old point-and-shoot camera, and started this blog. and i haven’t looked back.

not gonna lie, those first food photographs were hardly gorgeous. it took a lot of time and patience (and some handy online tutorials), but eventually i got the hang of it. and now i can create photographs that i’m pretty proud of, with a camera that’s a bit more professional. i’ve graduated with a master’s degree in gastronomy. i’ve landed a job as a food writer and photographer for an online magazine startup. and i feel like i’m finally doing something that i love, something that gives me a purpose, something that makes me incredibly happy.

i have to say a huge, HUGE thank you to my readers and supporters these last two years. my blog has always just been a way for me to express myself through food, and your support and kind words have meant more to me than i can ever say. as a small token of my appreciation, it’s time for me to host my very first giveaway!

what’s the prize? a gorgeous photo puzzle from shutterfly, featuring one of my food photographs. i’ve given these puzzles as gifts before, and they come out absolutely beautiful. this may seem like a bizarre giveaway for a food blog, but i grew up doing puzzles with my grandparents at their cabin on the lake in ontario. the cabin was simple and beautiful, with no tv or other distractions, so we’d play cards and do puzzles, ride the boat across the lake for ice cream, and catch teeny tiny frogs on the shore. puzzles are so nostalgic for me, and they always bring me joy and remind me of spending time with my family.

some of my favorite images are in this post, but the winner can choose whichever photo they want from my blog to be turned into a puzzle. to enter, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post with your favorite recipe from my blog – either one that you’ve made yourself before or one that you want to try. the contest will be open for one week (until the end of july 18th), and the winner will be selected using’s number generator and notified by email.

thanks again for reading, and good luck!

eta: this giveaway is now closed. thanks so much to everyone for participating and spreading the word, and a big congratulations to kimmy from lighter and local!


14 thoughts on “two years

  1. Meg- I love your blog so much! I think my favorite recipe that I’ve actually recreated with some small adjustments was the tomato, cheddar and basil summer pie. I love tomatoes SO much and we have a ton of them at the farm in the summer on top of fresh basil, it was simply perfect. I adjusted the crust a bit to “healthy it up”- I’m sure it’ wasn’t nearly as decadent but I still put it in a pie plate to get some good edges. I’m looking forward to some good summer grilling recipes this year, perhaps, if they’re on your to do list! -Heidi

  2. Happy Anniversary! I would love to try the sweet summer flatbread pizza recipe if I ever have the time to make it, because I always love pizza and this is a guiltless new way to try it!

  3. You are amazing and I love watching you succeed and become all you set your heart to accomplishing. with much love, Chris

  4. I love this post for so many reasons! The food photos, of course, which always make me hungry, but also because right now I’m in that place, where you are not quite sure which direction to go, but you know that something has got to change. Congratulations on your anniversary, and be proud! :-)

  5. Did know you had a blog here Meg, but good to read it. Also, that’s a great story about life and figuring out a way to tweak one aspect that wasn’t quite perfect, even though you didn’t need to change everything! Hope you continue to have lots of success.

  6. Congrats Meg! I really loved your stuffed chicken breast recipe! I tried it several times and its really great with sharp cheddar cheese!

  7. And to think, I had the pleasure of attending culinary school with you. Great work, Meg. Now, if we could only cook a damned chicken properly…

  8. Congratulations, Meg! You’re so awesome and your food photography is gorgeous!! :-)

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