road trip: europe – nice

this post is part of a series on my last week living in europe, as i share photos and thoughts from a road trip through europe that i took with my husband. to catch up, check out my short video overviewing the trip, as well as previous posts from pragueparis, and lyon

after two nights each in both paris and lyon, i was pretty excited to reach our last french destination – nice. the main reason for this particular stop is the beautiful ironman france bike course that my husband wanted to ride, but once we saw the breathtaking mountains, the colorful old buildings, the rolling hills, and the clear blue sea, i think we both wished for a few more days to explore.

my time in nice was different than other cities, since i primarily wandered around by myself while steve was off riding his bike. and while i would’ve loved to be able to wander freely in any of the cities we visited, i had some wonderful adventures in nice that i couldn’t have replicated anywhere else. i people-watched in the park, visited the huge flower market, and got lost in the tangled streets of vieux nice. the beautiful streets are so complicated to navigate that it’s not even worth trying to find your way – you just walk around and take the in sights, which for me included gorgeous buildings, clean laundry, and an adorable little dog.

i climbed to the top of colline du chateau, a high hill topped with old ruins and an incredible 360-degree view of the city, port, and ocean.

and after months of being virtually landlocked, save a few weekends away, it was delightful to be able to just sit by the sea and watch the waves roll in.

having days to myself meant that i got to eat whatever i wanted, which one day, was simply bread, cheese, and wine. we also had incredible seafood, and gorgeous ham, egg, and cheese crepes.

i was a little disappointed that after my husband got back from what he said were breathtaking views from the bike course, he didn’t bring any photos back. (note to all athletes, especially cyclists – pictures are much more valuable than your descriptions!) but when we eventually left nice, we took the long way out, driving through the amazing houses built into the hills and into monaco on our way to venice

…which will have to wait until my last entry. stay tuned!


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