boston brunchers at common ground

man, being a food blogger is tough. always seeking out and creating new recipes, cooking up food for your (always hungry) friends and family, taking hundreds of photos, writing all the time…it’s a tricky business. and then there are the food blogger events, where you have to meet up with all these other foodies and everybody eats and drinks together, and we all take photos of us eating and drinking…


i love being a food blogger. i wish this was my job. (actually, since i’m technically unemployed, this kind of is my job…so i really just wish i was getting paid for it.) being able to talk about, write about, and photograph food is one of my favorite things. and when a bunch of food-obsessed bloggers get together in one room to eat and talk about what we do? things can get a little crazy.

one such group of bloggers is a big one, boston brunchers, and i finally had the opportunity to join them this past sunday at common ground in allston. i was pretty excited at the restaurant choice, since i used to pass this spot all the time and always wanted to check it out. with big open windows, deep wood, a big bar, and lots of space, it’s a great place to kick back and relax with a big group of friends – which is just what we did.

since i’d mostly thought of common ground as a bar and grill, i was pleasantly surprised by their diverse and tasty brunch menu. since we had such a big group, we opted for the sunday morning brunch buffet, with options like corned beef hash, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, granola, and fruit, all made in-house.

buffets can be tricky. it’s so easy for food to dry out or get overcooked, but common ground did a good job of keeping things fresh and delicious. the eggs were a bit dry for my taste, but the house-cured pork belly was incredible. i also loved the fresh chocolate chip muffins, light in texture but moist, and with a perfectly sweet and crumbly top. i’m not a banana fan, but other brunchers were raving about the bananas foster french toast, and the bloody marys, extra-spicy, were a big hit.

but the best thing about common ground? the service. some restaurants make big parties feel like a real inconvenience, but we felt right at home with our servers – super friendly, attentive (but not overly so), and a lot of fun. we were welcomed in with genuine smiles, introduced to the chef, given tastes of other dishes off the main brunch menu, and even given goody bags before heading out. and the thick, creamy milkshakes were to die for – the daily special was a peach ice cream blended with vodka, but they also brought us a chocolate shake, topped with a kiss. delicious.

a big thanks to boston brunches and common ground for a great meal and a wonderful morning! and don’t forget to check out the other reviews from boston food bloggers.


7 thoughts on “boston brunchers at common ground

  1. Thank you so much for taking time to come to our event. It was really great to meet you! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the food and had a great time!

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