road trip: europe – lyon

this post is part of a series on my last week living in europe, as i share photos and thoughts from a road trip through europe that i took with my husband. to catch up, check out my short video overviewing the trip, as well as previous posts from prague and paris.

after just one day in paris, we braved the rain to grab one last baguette, loaded up the rental car, and began our drive through the french countryside towards lyon, the “gastronomic capital of france,” and our next destination.

and i’m not going to lie, i was a bit disappointed to leave paris. i’d never been to france, and all of the sudden i was in this huge, beautiful, iconic city. with just one day, i was aching for more time to explore. i wanted a week in paris. a month. a year. i wanted to wander the streets and take hundreds of photos and eat cheese and drink wine and relax. i was a little bit cranky.

but it was time to go.

and i’m so, so, so glad that we did. because lyon is incredibly beautiful, surprisingly relaxing, and filled with amazing restaurants. after the bustling, non-stop crazy that is paris, it was lovely to be somewhere so serene, with locals strolling along the rivers, visiting the markets, and enjoying the beautiful sunsets.

and there’s nothing quite like purchasing olives and roast chicken at the market, sitting on a doorstep, and enjoying your snack while watching people walk by.

among the wonderful restaurants we visited and the many delicious meals we enjoyed, we were so happy to get the opportunity to eat at one of paul bocuse’s nord sud brasseries, l’ouest. great wines, incredible local cheeses, and some of the best fish i had in france.

leaving lyon might’ve been the most difficult of all the cities we visited – except possibly for venice, which i’ll cover soon and we only got to spend a few short hours in. being in lyon just felt so relaxing, so homey, so calm and gorgeous. i can easily imagine renting an apartment and spending a month shopping at the markets and cooking up everything i find.

and if you ever get a craving for a deliciously creamy, aromatic, super-addictive dessert, grab some speculoos biscuits and try to figure out how to make the spiced biscuit tiramisu we had that was probably one of the best, lightest, most incredible desserts i’ve ever tasted. and i don’t even like dessert.

when i figure out how to make this, i’ll let you know.


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