road trip: europe

a road trip around europe is nothing to sniff at. and somehow, it’s incredibly difficult to write about, which is why i’ve been putting this post off a bit. there’s a lot to say.

and where to even start? when steve and i were first considering how to best spend our last week in budapest, we spent a long time researching before finally deciding to just pack two small bags and a bicycle and drive around europe. after all, we’re americans – we love our road trips. but i hadn’t really thought about just how much ground we would cover, and the amazing number of beautiful places we would see. and i really hadn’t thought that i would be struggling with words to describe our journey.

covering this trip will take some time, so expect several posts in the coming weeks with thoughts and photos from each city, as well as an (amateur!) video with clips from the road. my husband and i had the experience of a lifetime, and i want to document this thing properly. after all, when am i ever going to cover 8 countries in 8 days again? (and if you consider that the day after we got back, we flew through heathrow to boston, you could really say we did 10 countries in 9 days. no wonder i’m tired.)

day one? prague. full post, coming soon – but until then…


10 thoughts on “road trip: europe

  1. We will cherish all your details as you choose to share with us – looking forward to each one ….

  2. l and my wife visited Europe couple of years ago.WE visited five countries .Europe has the history,the man made beauty .It was fantastic experience .I used to live in Vienna.Here in Our great country the USA we have the majestic nature.,the land of plenty.waiting to read about your European trip.Best regards JMS

    • it was so fascinating to experience how different europe feels from the states, in ways i never expected. i loved the feeling of all of that old history, and every country felt incredibly unique. vienna was one of my favorites – such a gorgeous city, and i loved that huge market!

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