roman holiday

is there another place as beautiful as italy?

we’ve taken a few weekends away to travel so far while we’ve been here (and we have a number of weekends planned), but this was the first where i felt like i barely scratched the surface of what the city had to offer. two days isn’t long anywhere, but in a city as ancient, historical, and enormous as rome, it’s hard not to feel like we didn’t see anything.

but in reality, we saw a lot. much of our time was spent walking around the city, trying to soak in as much italian culture as possible without being trampled by herds of tourists. we had pizza and handmade pasta and plenty of wine, wandered through wide piazzas and tiny alleys, made friends with lots of (very friendly) italian dogs, and walked about 15 miles in two days. and how can you not love a city that greets you in the morning with this view from your hotel window?

of course, we also did the obligatory tourist things, visiting the vatican museum, st. peter’s basilica, the colosseum, roman forum, etc. and though we were in awe much of the time, it was just as incredible to simply walk around, since around every corner there would literally be ancient ruins, just sitting in the middle of a hillside or city square. to quote eddie izzard, “there’s tons of history, just lying about the place.” ridiculous.

the vatican museum and sistine chapel make you feel a little crazy – there’s just so much to see. we looked until our necks cramped, and then looked a little more.

and the colosseum is absolutely staggering, inside and out. there aren’t words.

we may have gotten lost a few times…but it meant we got to see some great hidden corners of the city.

i loved everything, but my favorite thing (naturally) was the food! i had the most incredible veal-stuffed ravioli, delicious street cart panini sandwiches, crispy margarita pizza, tender lasagna on handmade noodles…and of course, tiramisu gelato. it’s a good thing we did so much walking.

arrivederci, italy. i promise, i’ll be back.


6 thoughts on “roman holiday

  1. I am so very happy but also extremely jealous that you went to Rome.

    You guys look great, by the way.

  2. Getting lost is part of the fun, especially in a city like Rome. I’ve been lucky enough to travel there a few times; this post made me nostalgic–and ready to visit again! Where did you have the gelato? I still remember giolitti, right by the pantheon, which was amazing. I think they had 15 varieties of chocolate gelato.

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