paprikas & spaetzle

we’ve been living in budapest for a month (!!!), and while i’ve eaten out quite a bit, i haven’t had the opportunity to eat nearly enough hungarian food. this cuisine is delicious and flavorful, but has a tendency to be a bit heavy. in winter this is great, since this food is warm and incredibly comforting, but there’s only so much sour cream i can consume in a day before i feel a bit sick.


chicken paprikas, served with fresh homemade spaetzle, is something i could probably eat daily and not get tired of. if you’ve never had this dish, stop what you’re doing, go to the store for the ingredients, and start cooking the recipe below. i can wait. go ahead.

see what i mean?

spicy, crunchy, creamy, soothing, addictive, delicious. this is what hungarian cuisine is all about. i’m not going to lie, it’s not the most attractive dish i’ve ever made, and i kept remaking it and postponing publishing in the hopes that it would look prettier for these photos – but don’t worry about it. just grab a beer and a fork and dig in.

there are a number of recipes out there for chicken paprikas, and i’ve already made at least 3 of them. for the money, i like sheryl julian’s recipe from several years ago the best – while some complain about the use of tomatoes, i find it gives the sauce more depth and a better consistency. play around with ingredients and let me know what you like – i love adding a finely chopped paprikas pepper to this, since they’re so easy to find here.

you don’t have to serve the chicken with spaetzle…but it’s so easy and absolutely delicious that you’re really missing out. it can be a bit messy to make, which is why i love smitten kitchen’s recipe (and photos!) – she also explores the many ways to create these twisty noodle-shaped dumplings, meaning that even if you haven’t tried it before, you’ll get a delicious end product.

i may be training for a marathon in barcelona in march, but if i keep eating this daily like i threaten to, i may come back roughly the size of a house.


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