wochenende in wien

nothing like a weekend in vienna to give you a new perspective on budapest.

two nights anywhere is hardly enough to say you’ve seen a city – it feels like we were barely even in austria. lots of walking/being lost, schnitzels, beers, and confusing subway rides – though we felt like pros by the end of it and even helped fellow tourists navigate the streets. hurried looks at gorgeous buildings, running by the opera house, a 30-second glimpse of st. stephen’s cathedral, and wandering through palaces. we even rode a gigantic ferris wheel and saw the whole city lit up at night, but i barely got any pictures and it all seems like a whirlwind.

vienna is gorgeous. it somehow feels cleaner and more modern, yet older and more established, than budapest. and you’d think that being surrounded by people speaking german would feel pretty much the same as being surrounded by people who speaking hungarian, given that i speak neither, but it feels surprisingly different. my few hungarian words and phrases get me pretty far in budapest, but the same knowledge of german got me almost nowhere. as much as i apologize in budapest for my ignorance, i said “i’m sorry” twice as many times in vienna.

my favorite part of the trip? definitely the huge market, filled with breads, spices, meats and fish, cheeses, oils, vinegars, mulled wine and cider, fruits, vegetables, antiques, fabrics…i even got a cute little hat. cafes and restaurants lined the center, and we had a delightful lunch of rolled crepes with prosecco and coffee. i could’ve sat there all day, watching people go by.

and while returning to budapest on sunday night wasn’t quite like coming home, it definitely felt nice to be in the shadow of the parliament building again. these little weekends away make me appreciate the beauty and history of budapest even more.

i may have been stuck in bed with a cold since we got back from vienna, but i still feel pretty blessed.


3 thoughts on “wochenende in wien

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