culinary classes – the final(s) week

this is the very last week of my culinary classes, and tensions and emotions are running high. i’m glad it’s over, since it means more free time as well as a big accomplishment for me, but i’m also really going to miss these classes – i’ve learned so much. but i’m also quite stressed, since my finals are this week and they’re scary. and i could really use some sleep, and a little break for my brain, which refuses to shut off and keeps obsessing over recipes and menus.

tonight, i will get a list of three ingredients from my cooking instructor, and tomorrow night i have to prepare a three course meal using all of the ingredients. i’m at the mercy of whatever is left in the kitchen, which is difficult since they’ve been trying to clean it all out and aren’t restocking some of the basics, like fresh milk. i have a schedule to maintain and present my dishes before a panel of judges at the appointed time. i know it’s going to be a meat, a seafood, and a fruit, but beyond that, i’m clueless.

cool, right? except for the blind panic that occasionally creeps in. i have a rough plan, which involves a lot of mexican recipes and rick bayless’ cookbook, and my fantasy is for white fish or shrimp, chicken or beef, and raspberries. we’ll see what happens.

in the meantime, i’ve been taking pictures of things i’ve been getting at the farmer’s market. rather than continue my stress rant, i’m going to try and enjoy the gorgeous produce of the season, take a deep breath, and close the cookbooks until tonight. any slightly ocd insomniac can relate – i’ll be up all night with those books, reading, copying, and maybe even cooking…


4 thoughts on “culinary classes – the final(s) week

  1. You’ll kick ass at it Meg, I’m sure! You are a creative cook, and I’ve been enjoying reading about everything on your blog! When its all done and over with we need some cocktail time (I have to finish a paper this week for my directed study and then I’ll get a little breather before the fall semester starts…)

    • thanks, lady! we absolutely need some cocktail time – i have the same two weeks free, though i’ve already got so much packed into them it probably won’t feel much like a break, but we’ll get drinks somewhere in there :) miss you!

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