the culinary classes begin

the madness has started. tuesday was my first cooking class, followed by baking class on wednesday. and let me just say: these classes are going to be insane amounts of work, but i’ve already learned more about food than i thought possible in three classes.

it’s amazing how just having someone with more experience talk you through a basic recipe teaches you. i knew i was lacking in certain areas – namely, my knife skills are just embarrassing – but trying to do something in front of a professional, and having them coach you through the correct methods, is just an incredible way to learn. i’ve always said that my learning style was kinesthetic, but this class just reinforced that. i love to read and write, and i’m fine with attending lectures, but i really do learn best by just getting my hands dirty and trying things out until i get them right. that’s probably why i was a theatre major – i like to play with things and just figure them out, rather than studying them in a purely academic environment and understanding the “why” of everything.

best of all, we have a few papers to write and lots of reading, but our real homework is to practice…meaning that every weekend, i’m going to remake some of my favorite dishes from class for my hungry, ironman-training husband. in class, i’ve already made crepes, applesauce, french onion soup, gazpacho, graham crackers, sables, and almond biscotti – and tonight is sauces. some of these dishes definitely deserve to be recreated and played with at home.

in the meantime, check out my talented friend mike’s blog for daily posts and photographs about each day’s class – he’s taking both cooking and baking courses as well, and is using his blog for the daily journal that we all have to keep for class. and look for upcoming posts with recipes from these courses over the next few weeks – i need all the practice i can get.


3 thoughts on “the culinary classes begin

  1. Awww, thanks so much for the link, Meg! I’ll link to you, too, in tonight’s post. It’s so nerve-wracking to have them watch, but then when they are like, “Your dough is like this because of this, you should roll it this way…” it’s amazing. And it makes you so much more comfortable, so you really want to make everything again. It’s like, “Oh, so this is how you do it!”

    And it’s sooooo nice just to be doing something real, with your hands, and not sitting on your butt in class.

    Almost one week down!

  2. i totally agree! it makes such a difference when they just show you one little trick. i don’t know how many times i’ve already said, “oh, that makes things so much easier and better – why didn’t i think of that?” i’m loving it, even if i am sore and tired. yay for week one!

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