guest post at boston university gastronomy blog

just a quick update – i’ve spent all weekend at the international conference on food styling and photography at boston university, and it was absolutely incredible…and exhausting. i’ll be creating a full article with lots of photos and more information on each session, and i’ll also type and organize all of my conference notes and post them here by the end of the week – it’ll just take me a little time to process everything i’ve heard!

in the meantime, i was thrilled to write a quick article on the conference for the boston university gastronomy blog – if you’re not already reading this blog, check it out. so many cool things happening in the program, and lots of great people involved.

more to come on this conference, but for now, thanks so much to all of the presenters and participants! for a student trying to soak in everything about this industry, i was overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of these industry pros. a truly incredible, talented and professional group of people – i hope to join you one day!


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