time for bread

if you follow me on twitter or we’re connected through facebook or linkedin, you may already know that i clumsily fell on the sidewalk while running with my puppy, and managed to scrape up my knees and palms quite badly, scratch my legs and feet, ruin my pedicure, and humiliate myself in front of my neighbors. i don’t consider myself particularly accident-prone, but this was an embarrassingly hard fall, and i’ve been a bit incapacitated for the last few days, limping around my house, ordering takeout since i couldn’t cook, and whining at my poor husband.

i hate being coddled, and i really hate feeling less than independent. i’m firmly in the “get over it” camp when it comes to sickness or injury, but for some reason these stupid scrapes have made me feel surprisingly helpless. with lots of ice, neosporin, gauze and painkillers, plus netflix instant which features a delightful amount of 30 rock episodes, i’ve made enough of a recovery to make something comforting, something delicious, something to fill the house with warm, happy smells.

i made bread, of course.

i got it in my head to try a recipe for no-knead bread featured in the new york times, which i unfortunately put together on wednesday, the day before my fall. it needs to rest and rise for about 18 hours, but with the scrapes on my hands i didn’t get to it until yesterday…making my poor bread a complete disaster. wanting a quick fix, i made this oatmeal quick bread instead, and it’s delicious.

this bread is simple, with just a touch of sweetness. i used whole wheat flour, and the recipe features milk and oats, giving it a smooth, fluffy texture and a satisfying crunch. best of all, it’s very quick and easy to assemble, leaving plenty of time to ice injured knees or enjoy a glass of wine (for example). i’ve heard great things about the new york times no-knead bread recipe, and i fully intend to try it again when i can actually see it all the way through. it’s not complex, but i can tell you from experience that it doesn’t work if you let the bread rise for 36 hours instead of 18.i’m not much of a baker, but i do love homemade bread– there’s something so sweet and comforting about it. i’d like to get into the habit of making bread more regularly, which also means that i’ll be able to feature more bread recipes here. i did nothing to tweak this recipe, so just follow the link and try it out – i usually fiddle with things, but this one was great on its own.

next time – fish tacos. get excited.


3 thoughts on “time for bread

  1. Just so you know, A) I wanted to be commentator and B) despite the fact that it’s Saturday evening and I’m on vacation, I am now making bread.

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