the first tofu burger

in case you haven’t been paying attention the last couple of days, massachusetts was hit by tornadoes particularly hard yesterday afternoon. boston was fortunate to only suffer severe thunderstorms, crazy lightning and strong winds, but with all of the excitement, my husband wasn’t really feeling tofu.

fast forward to this morning, when i decided to use my tofu for a veggie burger. according to a few of my vegetarian websites, tofu burgers are a great, easy and delicious way to enjoy high levels of protein.

unfortunately for the instructions that i followed, this didn’t seem to be the case.

the recipe that i followed, which seemed simple but offered many possibilities for adaptations, on its own is fairly bland. mostly mashed tofu with onions, breadcrumbs and rolled oats, the burger had a mushy texture and was difficult to fry. the small patties fell apart in the frying pan, and were difficult to get into my pita halves without abandoning their shape further.

i’ll keep playing with this recipe, and hopefully adding some other components to this basic starter will produce a burger that maintains its shape, has a more appealing texture, and offers a flavor that isn’t completely bland. i was pretty disappointed in this first attempt at a vegetarian burger, but hopefully my next tofu burger will be more enjoyable.

if anyone has a tofu burger recipe that they love or tips for putting one together, i’d really appreciate it!


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