my vegetarian summer begins

today, i – meg jones, lover of rare, bloody steaks and red hot buffalo wings – bought tofu for the first time. it’s june 1st, and it’s time for my vegetarian summer experiment to begin.

i have lots of vegetarian and vegan friends – more than i’d realized when i first considered this project. there are tons of resources for non-meat-eaters out there, and i intend to take full advantage of their recipes, techniques and suggestions in the coming weeks. i have several “so you want to be a vegetarian?” type pamphlets coming my way, and lots of intriguing recipes and blogs bookmarked and ready to go.

of course, i spent this weekend with my husband, parents and puppy in vermont, so we came home yesterday to a very empty kitchen. my csa box doesn’t start until next week, but i know it will be filled with more produce than i’ll know what to do with, so i thought this week i’d take it pretty easy and start with meals that i’m comfortable with. today’s lunch was this simple, colorful salad, but tonight i’m tackling tofu. i’ve eaten it before, of course, but never prepared it myself. recipes are welcome (begged for!), and i’ll post what i make tomorrow.

i really, really don’t want to be one of those temporary vegetarians that simply cuts meat out of their diet, then replaces it with meat substitutes, salads, and pasta – i want to do this properly. there are so many delicious vegetables, fruits, starches, beans, sprouts, fish, and pasta products out there that i’ve never experimented with – so this is the time to learn. i’m gathering natural cookbooks, blogs and recipes together and am hoping that this summer will really help me to broaden my food horizons.

but today, lunch was simple. i spent too much time obsessing over recipes, and then realized at whole foods this afternoon that i’d hardly had more than a glass of v8 juice that day. cue my favorite ingredients in a quick, delicious salad – fresh greens, crunchy walnuts, tangy goat cheese, sweet cranberries and a light balsamic vinaigrette. not the most creative lunch, but one that i never get tired of – and it photographs beautifully.

tomorrow, i promise to post more interesting recipes. but today? i’m just trying not to think about barbecue baby back ribs.


8 thoughts on “my vegetarian summer begins

  1. Even though I don’t like meat as much as it sounds like you do, I also recently decided to challenge myself–by going vegan! I wanted to experiment with new ingredients I’ve never tried before, so I can relate to you branching out. Good luck with your vegetarian summer!

  2. good for you – i can’t imagine going hardcore vegan just yet! it seems like a fabulous way to get more creative with meals and ingredients. thanks, and good luck to you too!

  3. I’m so excited to follow you on here this summer! I’m so jealous that you’re studying Gastronomy at BU, I am going to be using your blog to steal ideas for myself. The CSA will help a lot with the veggie variety and trying new things; you’re going to love it! Can’t wait to see more posts!

    • thanks so much, lady! it’s been a blast getting to spend so much time studying food, but i’d still rather cook and eat than just read about food :) hopefully i’ll get good at this vegetarian thing and can put up plenty of recipes for inspiration this summer…

  4. I hope you aren’t planning on eating TOO much soy. It is really quite bad for you in excess. My mom and sister are vegan. They made the switch after my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago. She eats tons of nuts and they love pecan loaves. It is like a meatloaf but better, according to them. Setan is AWEFUL! BLAH! Don’t even attempt to make it from scratch because it takes FOR.EV.ER. Check out Hallelujah Acres, that is where my mom gets most of her recipes and info. It is a religious based health program that has some great stuff. Good luck! Hope you don’t miss grilling burgers and steaks too much this summer :)

    • i’ve heard the same thing – i feel like i can do this summer vegetarian thing without resorting to eating soy every day, and i definitely am much more excited to eat fresh fruits and veggies and cook fish than adding tofu and soy products to everything. thanks for the link – i’ll check it out!

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