summer chili

i know, i know. after months of anticipation, boston finally sees the sunshine and an 80-degree day – and i immediately start chopping vegetables and making chili, a classic, cold-weather, fill-me-up, comfort food dish. my chili is pretty good (check out the recipe if you’re in the same odd mood as me), and in spite of the hot sun, my husband and his co-worker nearly finished off the pot before i had time to snap a photo.

why the bizarre craving? in my constant pursuit to fit into that elusive article of clothing, my beloved lucky brand skinny jeans, i’ve decided to go vegetarian for the summer. i’ve never given up meat for any real period of time – i honestly can’t even remember the last day that i didn’t eat any – and it seems like a good way to get into shape, and to ensure that i eat every last bit of my summer csa box. starting june 1st, i’m giving up red meat and poultry, but i will continue to eat fresh fish, dairy, and (of course) plenty of produce.

i’m actually kind of excited.

i always like a challenge, and not eating meat is a good one to test. of course, i’ll be taking culinary classes for 6 weeks later in the summer, which means i’ll surely be cooking some meat products that i’ll have to test, but i won’t be buying meat or ordering it in restaurants until september. my husband will be doing the same thing, and since our two-year wedding anniversary is september 5th, i predict that our celebration will include lots of red wine and rare steak.

but i digress. i’m leaving tonight to spend the weekend in vermont with my parents (expect lots of scenic farm pictures in the next few days), and wanted to use up all the meat in the house before we left. i pretty much always keep ingredients for chili on hand, so there you have it – chili in may.

for your viewing pleasure, i’m also including shots of my breakfast: scrambled eggs with sauteed spinach, tomatoes, and pepper jack cheese on toast.

yes, it was delicious. it didn’t last long.

try this out, if it’s making you hungry – it’s super easy. chop a small tomato and a handful of baby spinach, and saute them in a medium skillet for a just a minute in butter. in a small bowl, whip two eggs with salt, pepper, and a bit of shredded pepper jack cheese. add the eggs to the skillet and cook, stirring with wooden spoon for about two minutes. serve on buttered toast and enjoy immediately.


One thought on “summer chili

  1. Love the recipe ideas! Let us know if you have an suggestions for crêpe recipes. We are opening up a pop-up crêperie in downtown Boston in just two weeks. Also, be sure to follow us at

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