food shots – the experimenting begins

so far, i’m really loving the new camera. still learning the ropes and starting to try out manual (although none of those pictures will be posted for a few more weeks!). many friends have assured me that it takes more than a few weeks to figure out how everything works and to get really comfortable, but i’m loving the process.

i was lucky enough to be able to sit in on a styling session with a few local food stylists, as well as a local food photographer. it was truly incredible to watch them work – it’s amazing the amount of preparation, detail, and hard work that goes into each and every photograph. the girls let me take a few extra dishes home, and i’ve been experimenting with shooting them as well as some of my own dishes.

spinach, blueberry, feta and roasted sesame seed salad

grilled shrimp with pineapple, tomato and onion salsa

fresh blackberries

grilled salmon with spicy glaze

and, because i’m completely obsessed with it, my brand new camera bag. if you’re looking for something stylish that could pass for a fabulous tote bag, check out jo totes.


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